The http tunneler

Project name: HosProxy
Download 1: source code
Download 2: hosproxy bin
Download 3: hostunnnel bin
Language: Python

HoSProxy is a tool designed to let you access the web in a LAN without internet connection but with access to an E-mail system only. HoS means Http over SMTP, that is to say, using the E-mail system as http-proxy to navigate the web.

HoSProxy is made up of two parts:

HosTunnel: You need an external server (outside LAN) which must be running HoSTunnel (with root privileges to listen on port 25) and which receives and sends emails with encoded and packaged http requests/responses.

HoSProxy: An internal proxy connected to the web browser, that sends HTTP request trough emails via the company SMTP server, and polls for responses in the company POP/IMAP server.